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A B O U T  T H E  F I L M

"Following the unconventional musical journey of Dean Brown, this documentary explores the Jazz Rock Fusion genre through conversations with some of its legends and their music, the measures artists take to discover and shape their identity, and the courage it takes to pursue their art.”
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A  B R I E F  S U M M A R Y

When Dean Brown and his family moved from America to a U.S. Army Post in South Korea, he thought his passion for music might hit a standstill.

Instead, Dean formed and led a
rock band made up of U.S. Army dependents to South Korean fame. Following his return to the U.S., Dean attended Berklee College of Music, where he further developed his talent and expanded his passion for Jazz Rock Fusion, leading to a career as a world-renowned musician. Despite the success, Dean’s dream to play his own music remains a lifelong goal and constant challenge.

The Fusion Solution follows that venture and his successes, as well as the struggles he faced along with the ambition he wields to take on his future.

This powerful collection of interviews with Fusion rock legends shows how relatable and universal artistic challenges are, and how the pursuit of creation affects and transforms all of us.
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